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Held at the beautiful 

St. Thomas University 

About the Summit...

We the People Summit: Community-Criminal Justice Conversation (WTP) is part of U-Turn Youth Consulting’s Courageous Conversation Series. These past 2 years has been difficult on so many levels and for so many people. The pandemic has unmasked the disparities within the health system, financial system, educational system, social media, but none more glaring than that of the criminal justice system. For years, Black and Brown communities have long fought for just and equitable systems. However, our communities fail to see the intersectional ties between the various systems and community engagement.


This Courageous Conversation aims to highlight the various systems and how they intersect with the community daily, and to begin to bridge the gap between communities and and the systems we often do not realize impact us and our youth daily. This event will engage the audience, accelerate much needed dialogue about reform, and most importantly provide tools and resources that can be utilized to facilitate impactful and lasting change.


The primary target population for this Summit are social service providers, educators, law enforcement personnel, mental health providers, faith-based leaders, community members at-large, and college students majoring in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work. 

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