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U-turn Youth Consulting (U-turn) is a full-service education and training consulting firm with extensive experience in Education, Advocacy, and Accountability. We specialize in highlighting Backstories of individuals and Systems that serve communities.  We advocate for changes that benefit vulnerable communities, specifically at-risk youth, their families, and system-impacted individuals. To effectuate change, we facilitate in-person and virtual trainings, conferences, and workshops for youth, professionals, and the community at-large. U-turn offers best practices needed to navigate what can be complicated processes to mitigate gun violence, interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, improve youth-police relations, and improve services for system-impacted individuals. Our services are provided via two pillars: Youth and Systems.

Youth Pillar:

Our youth are in a state of emergency, and it is imperative that youth advocates know and understand the reasons why so many young people are in a tailspin. U-turn will highlight the backstories and the tools needed to not only identify the red flags but to know how to proceed to address them. The tools offered as a basis for change are the book, The Backstory of a New Reality: Jaw Dropping Unmasking of Urban Youth Violence, and the supplemental workbook written by Dr. Shirley Plantin, the firm’s Chief Executive Consultant, This set contains a wealth of down to earth knowledge about the different components that are working together (parents, culture, mental health, socio-economic status ,social media, etc.) driving young people to commit acts of violence.


Systems Pillar:

U-turn facilitates trainings and consultancy services for Systems and partners that impact community. Clientsengage in a deep dive about the necessity of going beyond diversity while considering the importance of acknowledging one’s backstories, biases and the need for racial-social equity and inclusion; and how the lack of these factors contribute to our current state of emergency (particularly with our youth).

As a result of long-standing social justice issues, the firm’s targeted clientele are stakeholders who work with and within communities, in hopes of mitigating systemic injustices, improving diversity, and working towards inclusion of all people.  To effectively diminish the occurrence of future tragedies on scales both small and large, we must invest in and hold accountable our most precious asset: human capital, a Re-set is Needed.

Our Objectives

1. Advocate and give voice to communities and their Backstories.

2. Educate and raise awareness about social injusticesimpacting minority communities.

3. Elevate the quality of services provided to disenfranchised and marginalized communities. 

4. Empower providers to respect the diversity of the communities’ lived experiences while serving with equity and empathy. 

U-turn’s 5 Year Impact

• 614 Healthcare Providers Trained

• 680 Mental Health Providers Trained

• 903 Correction, Probation & Parole Officers Trained

• 904 School Health Workers Trained

• 983 Police Officers Trained

• 1049 Non-Profit Service Providers Trained

• 1236 Educators Trained

• 1854 Youth Trained, Engaged, Chatted with and Poured Into.


Our mission is to unmask the intersectional ties between Systems; and the injustices and disparities that serve as backstories, that catalyzes the school-to-prison pipeline to the youth and gun violence in communities.

Our Consultants

Dr. Shirley Plantin

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Chief Executive Consultant

Dr Mercidieu “Phil” Phillips

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Organizational Behavior Consultant

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Ismail Joseph

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Financial Literacy Consultant


Ezra Dieuveille

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Youth Consultant

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