U-turn Youth Consulting (U-turn) specializes in urban youth conflict resolution by advocating for changes that benefit youth, their families, and their communities. Our services include facilitating in-person trainings, conferences, workshops, and webinars for youth serving professionals; and educating collegiate and post graduate students studying in youth, family, and community-oriented fields. We envision that through our services, professionals will be better equipped to empathize with youth and their backstories, while addressing the many inequities that plaque them and their communities; thus elevating the quality of service they provide, and their level of impact.

U-turn encourages clients to adapt four fundamental principles for successful urban youth conflict resolution: Reassess, Redefine, Reform, and Reevaluate:

  • Re-assess the issue of youth and gun violence, by considering contributing factors

  • Redefine the issue of youth conflict versus youth violence

  • Reform services to address systemic, social, and racial disparities leading to youth conflict and gun violence

  • Continually Re-evaluate reformed services to ensure that they are effectively addressing the current needs of youth, families, and communities.

U-turn understands the need to mitigate and eradicate youth violence across the country. However, we further understand that the greater objective cannot be accomplished without a collaborative and committed relationship with our clients to achieve this common goal.


Our mission is to unmask the intersectional ties between Systems; and to address the injustices and disparities that serve as backstories, that catalyzes the school-to-prison pipeline to youth and gun violence in urban communities.

Our Consultants

Dr. Shirley Plantin

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Chief Executive Consultant

Dr Mercidieu “Phil” Phillips

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Organizational Behavior Consultant

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Ismail Joseph

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Financial Literacy Consultant


Ezra Dieuveille

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Youth Consultant