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Who we are

U-turn Youth Consulting (UYC) is a full-service consulting firm with extensive experience in Youth Conflict Resolution, including prevention, intervention, and community engagement in South Florida. Our consultants are a diverse group of practicing professionals in their respective fields and bring vast knowledge and effective skill sets to circumvent and mitigate urban youth conflict in cities across America. UYC utilizes modern and aggressive approaches to meet the needs of our clients, which have included government agencies, community-based organizations, school districts, private businesses, hospitals, academic groups, and more.

We provide high-quality, personalized services for all of your advocacy and youth prevention & intervention needs. Our esteemed track record in multi-lingual and cross-cultural youth violence prevention and community engagement campaigns is well established.


Quality and Personalized Services:

  • Advocate for youth by unmasking the backstories that must be taken into account when serving them

  • Train current social service providers on much needed skills to make a serious impact on youth & their families

  • Educate collegiate students majoring in Criminal Justice, Education, Psychology, Social Work, Mental Counseling, Public Health, and Nursing  who will work with at-risk youth in one way or another

  • Advocate for funders to mandate annual Youth Culture Audits that focus on providers’ environment, services, staff, and organizational culture to ensure that a safe space exists for the youth, which will foster a culture of belonging and thereby increase youth retention and continued participation in youth development programs.

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