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"The Backstory of 

a New Reality"

A Jaw-Dropping Unmasking of Urban Youth Violence


By Dr. Shirley Plantin


Many professionals who work with urban at-risk youth don’t know the extent of the harsh reality these children are living, which ultimately makes their programs, services, and interactions with the youth ineffective. The Backstory of a New Reality contains the down-to-earth and grim information that professionals in several sectors need to know in order to make a positive and lasting impact. Service providers, schools, law enforcement officials (including lawyers and judges), healthcare providers, faith leaders, parents, students majoring in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, Public Health, and more will benefit from reading this unfiltered truth.


This book is for people who work with, want to work with, or are invested in urban at-risk youth ages 7-19 years old. Urban, as it relates to this body of work, means “situated in a city.” Whether they are low-income or affluent, this age group is engaged in gang violence, depraved sexual acts like bestiality, sex and human trafficking, and drugs.

"The Backstory of a New Reality"

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