Backstories: The Epidemic




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What: 2020 Saving Our Youth Symposium: Saving our Youth Symposium (SOYS) is U-turn Youth Consulting’s Annual Professional Development Conference. This year’s theme is Backstories: The Epidemic. Backstories are possibly the most important factors to consider when

serving a hurting, disenfranchised, vulnerable, under-represented, misunderstood, or bullied youth. As providers we have become obsessed with providing quick fixes to our youth’s problems, rather

than determining the pathology of their problems. The root causes and influences are at an all-time

high lending to our youth living in a state of emergency. This year’s conference will expose

participants to the epidemic known as Backstories and how they contribute to youth and gun

violence. Our speakers are a diverse group of experts in their respective fields who will bring vast

knowledge and effective skill sets to help participants circumvent and mitigate urban youth conflict

by implementing substantive, socially, and culturally appropriate interventions. All presenters will

present modern and aggressive approaches and interventions to meet and address the needs of our

most vulnerable clients…our children and youth. This symposium will engage our professional

audience, accelerate much needed dialogues, and most importantly provide tools and resources that

can be utilized to facilitate impactful and lasting change.

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