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Who we are

U-turn Youth Consulting (U-turn) is a full-service consulting firm with extensive experience in Youth Conflict Resolution, including prevention, intervention, and community engagement in South Florida. Our consultants are a diverse group of practicing professionals in their respective fields and bring vast knowledge and effective skill sets to circumvent and mitigate urban youth conflict in cities across America. U-turn utilizes modern and aggressive approaches to meet the needs of our clients. Our services highlight  and tackle the root causes to institutional and societal ills, while also addressing the backstories that contribute to the inequities and disparities that create the school-to-prison pipeline leading to the youth/gun violence in our communities.

We provide high-quality, personalized services for all your youth advocacy, prevention, intervention, and community engagement needs. Our esteemed track record in multi-lingual and cross-cultural youth violence prevention and intervention and community engagement campaigns is well established.

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